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TDK plots route to 3TB hard drives

by Parm Mann on 9 February 2010, 12:23

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Now that 2TB hard drives have been with us for over a year, it could be time to move on to bigger and better things, and it looks as though Japanese manufacturer TDK will deliver with the world's first 3.5in hard drive platters to offer a capacity of over 500GB.

The company's roadmap had hinted at 640GB platters back in 2009, and reports now suggest that the increased-density disks could begin to appear as soon as next month.

The transition from 500GB to 640GB will allow hard drive manufacturers to launch 3.5in drives with capacities of up to 2.5TB or 3TB, with four or five platters, respectively.

In the notebook space, TDK's roadmap also suggests that the maximum 2.5in platter density will rise from 320GB to 375GB, paving the way for 2.5in dual-platter 750GB drives.

There's no clear indication as to when the higher-capacity drives will become mainstream, but TDK expects all major manufacturers to adopt the high-capacity platters before the end of the year.

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Mark me down as interested. Can never have enough space! Recently got my first 2TB, and I'm planning to install more 2TB (replacing old 1TBs as I go).
I must have been in a black hole for a while, I didnt even realise TDK made hard disks
I think they only manufacture the techniques to make the platters?

TDK are kinda like 3M I believe, they have their hand in pretty much everything. Solving processes and problems others can't!
I guess they might actually manufacture some of the production equipment as well as opposed to making retail drives.

Just like their work on 10 layer BluRay disks, it will be Panasonic or Sony that actually commercialise it once TDK have perfected it in the lab.
Yes, TDK are still one of the big players in magnetic technology - Ultrium tapes for example. The are a bit like BASF used to be, make the equipment, and I think also make a lot of the tape stock or ferromagnetic stock that is used to create the platters,

They are a very diverse compant though

www.tdk.com if you want a crawl round the site