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Transcend releases 600x Compact Flash cards for discerning dSLR users

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 July 2009, 09:18

Tags: Transcend Extreme Plus CF, Transcend (TPE:2451)

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Ask a high-end digital camera user what they would most like and one of the answers is, invariably, super-fast storage - enabling them to capture uncompressed pictures in continuous-shoot mode.

The current CF+ 4.0 specification supports IDE DMA133 for a maximum throughput of 133MB/s, yet very few cards are able to hit that kind of speed.

Transcend has recently announced a couple of 600x-capable CF cards in 8GB and 16GB capacities. As speed is derived from a base 150MB/s throughput - a la CD-ROM - Transcend is claiming peak 92MB/s read and 87MB/s write speeds.

The 'Extreme Plus' cards use a quad-channel controller, via UDMA6, and tasty Turbo MLC memory to hit the speeds, and they're reasonably close to low-end SSDs in pure sequential performance.

The next iteration of Compact Flash cards, due in late 2009, will use a new interface, CFast, and be based on the SATA protocol, so these may well be the fastest cards for a while yet.

No word on pricing just yet but they do look tasty for dSLR users.

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i wounder if they will go beyound their current offering of 150x for SD?
cool, will definately keep my eye on these.
they would make decent boot SSDs
As speed is derived from a base 150MB/s throughput - a la CD-ROM
150KB right :D

This is great! I wonder what Sandisks reply to this will be. Extreme V cards perhaps?

That is, if these cards actually live up to promise in real world use.