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Deal of the day: 1TB Hitachi Deskstar hard drive for under £52 £50

by Parm Mann on 10 June 2009, 13:51

Tags: HDT721010SLA360, Hitachi (TYO:6501)

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Hard-disk storage continues to get cheaper by the day, but we've yet to see anything as cheap as this:

It's the Hitachi DeskStar 1TB hard drive, and it's being offered at bargain-basement prices on various websites. The cheapest we've seen, though, is Ebuyer.com who is currently offering the drive for just £51.82 delivered. That's around 5p per gigabyte, for a 7,200rpm SATA drive with a 16MB cache. It just doesn't get much cheaper than that, if at all.

Ebuyer's website reckons the etailer has over 800 in stock, so this could be a good opportunity to max out your PC or NAS.

*Update* The price of the drive at Ebuyer has fluctuated throughout the week, and it is now being offered at £49.97. Lower than ever, but no longer eligible for a free delivery. To qualify for a free delivery, you need to spend over £50 and choose Ebuyer's "Super Saver" delivery option. A 99p DVD lens cleaner could be useful after all.

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tempting to upgrade my 5x400gb Raid3 to 5x1000gb
saw this earlier, it's seriously tempting. is it a possibility to have too much storage?
is it a possibility to have too much storage?

(i have 5x 500GB and 8x1TB drives in two RAID-5 arrays)
Q.Q and I thought 2TB over kill…
No matter how much storage you have you always find some way of filling it…