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Super Talent launches Luxio 64GB USB flash drive

by Parm Mann on 22 October 2008, 12:33

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Corsair already has a 64GB Flash Voyager available, but California-based Super Talent is today joining the scene with a 64GB offering that's significantly cheaper.

The new drive, dubbed Luxio, is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, and the largest of the three is expected to arrive at retail at around $149 - that's some $50 cheaper than Corsair's offering.

Luxio measures 21mm x 76mm x 10mm and features a UV-coated ABS/PC case with a chrome-plated trim. It's stylish-looking in black, but it's also available in silver and wood-grain finishes. Topping off the luxurious styling is a smart-looking gift box and a black leather carrying case.

Joe James, Super Talent director of marketing, said:

We designed the Luxio to be elegant yet simple, huge in storage capacity yet small in stature, loaded with features and accessories yet sleek enough to put on a keychain. The Luxio is much more than just a high capacity USB drive. With big drives we know that speed is also vital. Luxio drives support extremely fast 200X-plus transfer rates.

All models support AES-256 hardware encryption and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. They won't provide the rugged reliability of Corsair's alternative, but the lower price is likely to have more appeal.

Official press release: Super Talent Rolls Out Luxio™ 64GB USB Drives

Official product page:

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