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Hitachi unleashes 6x writing Blu-ray drive

by Tarinder Sandhu on 5 June 2008, 01:22

Tags: Hitachi (TYO:6501)

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Hitachi has joined the race of 'world's-fastest' Blu-ray writer with the introduction of its BH20N model.

Boasting a write speed of 6x, matching LG's H20L, can you guess if the two share a common heritage?

Blu-ray drives and media really need to drop in price, rather than boosted in specification, before they're taken on board by the masses, we feel.

The SATA-based Hitachi model, pictured above, costs around £180 and is available right now.

Would you buy one?

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Would you buy one?
No. I don't want to cry every time I get a coaster.
Would you buy one?
Not at £180.

At £80 ….. maybe. When disks get cheaper as well. Meantime, I'll stick with a mix of DVDR and DVD-RAM.
Saracen….. only two lines :D

to buy one now is just for bragging rights IMHO, there is no point until prices fall or you are a very, very high volume user………