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A-DATA's ASUS Eee PC memory just a marketing trick?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 2 June 2008, 16:43

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Released a couple of months ago to jump on the burgeoning ASUS Eee PC bandwagon, A-DATA was keen to show off its branded USB sticks and SDHC cards.



Now, the up-to 8GiB USB stick, plugged into the non-colour-matched Eee PC, is the S701 Sport series, which is retractable but rather flimsy.

Having personally used the regular model, it's none too speedy, so only consider it if aesthetics are ultra-important to you.

The 16GiB SDHC card, part of the Turbo range, is a class 6 device, meaning that it writes at a minimum of 6MiB/s. It's useful for augmenting the capacity of lower-specified Eee PCs and arrives at a cost of around £40.

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To me this just sounds like the same thing Sandisk did with their SD cards for the Wii, released specially packaged and branded Wii memory cards, which cost more than normal ones.
I agree

I paid under £20 for my 4gb SD card, originally for my Wii (replaced with a spare 512mb I had anyway) then used that on my eee pc, branded and it works fine