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Ice cold Corsair RAM in the works

by Tim Foyle on 4 November 2008, 20:51

Tags: Corsair

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Brrrrr, is it cold in here?

Keep a component cool, pump more voltage through it and crank up the MHz. This classic formula for overclocking has been with us since man first discovered chips could run faster than manufacturers said they would.

And in keeping with enthusiasts' urges to push the envelope ever further, Corsair's been working on a new cooling system for RAM. It's been keeping it under wraps, until now...

Allow us to reveal to you the latest in Corsair's plans for memory domination...

Yup, that's a Pelt

Yes, that's a bloody big water block. And yes, those wires are hooked up to a TEC. So, where once the only way to get your RAM below room temp was to put the PC outside, there's now this.

The sub-ambient temperatures of the Pelt/waterblock combination should allow extra voltage to be pushed through appropriately selected RAM modules without killing them, potentially yielding higher clock rates and lower latencies.

Pelt cooling is not for the faint of heart, though; sub-ambient temps will lead to condensation, which if dealt with improperly, can be a lot more harmful to components than overvolting.

Installed, the new TEC RAM cooler from Corsair

We've been speaking to overclockers in the know and managed to get you lovely people these spy shots. We're not yet sure what Corsair's going to call this crazy RAM cooler. We do know that it's currently being tested. If it hits the shelves it's likely to be an exclusive accompanyment to the module-maker's enthusiast Dominator range of products.

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This explains the new design with the hex bolts then ?
if they make it without the pelt i will buy it.:crazy:
yeh i agree the TEC put me off a bit. But I would definitely think about one with just watercooling.
i don't understand exactly what it does.. :\
there was 3 bolts on top of the RAM but only 2 pipes there :\
if they make it without the pelt i will buy it.:crazy:

That would be just the same as the OCZ flex series… Which is in a league of its own.