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Corsair releases dummy Vengeance RGB Pro DIMMs

by Mark Tyson on 12 December 2018, 12:31

Tags: Corsair

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Corsair has listed a new product line: Vengeance DRAM modules that contain no DRAM. The proposition isn't as crazy as it initially sounds as firstly these are cut price offerings that provide RGB lighting to otherwise vacant DIMM slots, and the path has been already cleared for this kind of product with the Gigabyte Aorus RGB Memory kits.

The new products aren't described as DRAM at all, thankfully. Rather Corsair carefully dubbed these the Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement Kits, available with a choice of black or white heatspreaders. They are designed to simply "complete your system's look," says Corsair. Thus they provide identical RGB lighting functionally to the RAM modules they are named after, with:

  • Matching Vengeance style with same aluminium heat spreader
  • 10 ultra-bright RGB LEDs per module
  • Individually addressable RGB LEDs
  • Configuration and synchronisation via Corsair iCUE, with dozens of pre-set lighting profiles, or make your own
  • Wide compatibility with "most Intel and AMD DDR4 motherboards".

Some will appreciate Corsair's decision to sell these dummy module kits separately to its real DRAM kits. It is possible that some enthusiasts will buy them to fill slots even if they own other non-LED or use rival memory brands.

Pricing for a pair of the Vengeance RGB Pro Light Enhancement modules is £39.99 here in the UK, in either black or white heatspreader equipped kits. The kits are a numerically equal price of $39.99 across the pond. The kits appear to be in stock and orderable right now.

Deck your PCs with boughs of holly, and RGB components

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I'm getting so pissed off with all this RGB on everything. If I wanted to see flashing lights in the corner I'd put up the bloody Christmas tree!….. oh crap, I knew there was something I'd forgotten
Nice idea and that Christmassy PC at the end is kinda cute….
But Corsair can faff right off with that asking price, though!!!

Make it £10 or maybe £15 and you'd have a deal. These are basically fancy versions of existing RGB-addressable LED lighting strips, which only cost £20-25 for a whole metre.
It's a vajazzle you cnut.
I've seen it all now….
I have vengeance ram and 2 empty slots, a pair of these would look great in my rig! But that price is steep for what it is…