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Antec previews fully-modular HCP-1000 Platinum PSU

by Parm Mann on 8 March 2012, 11:39

Tags: Antec

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We've been impressed with Antec power supplies in recent months and the manufacturer is hoping to maintain that momentum with the introduction of the HCP-1000.

The new 1,000W unit is scheduled to arrive at retail in the coming weeks and aims to revamp the High Current Pro line up with a fully-modular design and 80 PLUS Platinum certification.

Running at up to 94 per cent efficiency bodes well for lower electricity bills, but enthusiasts will be more interested in the HCP-1000's high-end capabilities. These include four +12V rails, a 135mm double ball bearing fan with low-voltage control, a forward-looking 28-pin (20+8) motherboard power connector, and 16-pin connectors that support two eight-pin cables per socket.

A healthy specification, but be warned, we're expecting to see this one come in close to the £200 mark.

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“Running at up to 94 per cent efficiency bodes well for lower electricity bills”

Not with a 1000W power supply…. ;)
Actually, more so if you're using the best part of 1000W. 80% efficiency on a low- to mid-range PC will mean ~25-50W extra draw, whereas on a high end machine it could mean >200W. 94% efficiency could bring that down to ~ 50W instead - a huge saving on electricity ;)

Sure, you'd need dual SB-E Xeons and a couple of GTX590s to hit those levels of power draw, but if that's the type of system you're using a 94% efficienct kW PSU is exactly what you need ;)
That price wouldn't be bad too considering the price of Platinum units ATM.
When is the release date? I can't find them on Scan