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Enermax powers Galaxy

by Nick Haywood on 21 August 2005, 00:00

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More power to the people from Enermax

More power to the people from Enermax

Enermax, those crazy power supply dudes have gone power mad with their latest bit of kit, the Galaxy. Set to be available in the UK from around October, the Galaxy is the first PSU to the retail market claiming to be able to deliver 1000W… yes, you read that right, 1000W.

In final production at the time of writing, the two samples in the photos are engineering samples so we couldn’t get out hands on one for testing, but having run the figures past Rys, they add up to just a little over 1000W output, drawing 1400W from the mains… so no need for a dimmer switch in the lounge anymore!

In fact, other than rocking up a huge electricity bill, it’s hard to see how you’re ever going to need 1000W inside your machine. Unless you’re a modding freak with five SATA drives, loads of lighting, fans and a pair of 7800s inside your machine with a kettle, electric fire and table saw attached to the USB you have to wonder why you'd need a 1000W PSU… but of course, you could just be future proofing, or compensating for something…

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The term “electricity shortage” springs to mind.

Probably be cheaper to build your own wind turbine.
Just remember kids, it won't use 1400W of mains power unless you fully load it, but still… blimey!
The trouble is if people keep making these huge capacity powersupplies, then component manufacturers will think energy efficiency doesn't matter and go for bigger rather than smarter CPUs/GPUs/etc. Then again it's just following the general trend of bloating, take the system requirements of successive M$ operating systems for instance - the new ones are plain scary.
Well atleast i'll have power for my trucker's mate! :Oops: :p
Omg thats crazy… glad to see it has 4 rails though, I always get a bit fustrated when I run out of rails with yet more to power - or when a rail cant reach something.