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Cougar Attack X3 is a mechanical keyboard for "purist gamers"

by Mark Tyson on 10 December 2015, 10:01

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Cougar doesn't want its latest gaming keyboard to be a jack of all trades. The Taiwan-based PC accessories maker has therefore designed the Cougar Attack X3 to cater for the trio of essentials demanded by "purist gamers"; quality, functionality, and durability. In an email to HEXUS the firm asserted that the Cougar Attack X3 filled all those requirements with its "combination of Cherry MX switches, gaming features and an impressive aluminium based design".

The first thing you will notice about the Cougar Attack X3 is its angular but not overly aggressive 'gaming' design and its aluminium faceplate. Cougar says that the Aluminium serves to provide durability, of course it will provide decent rigidity to the faceplate but it's also important what is beneath the keyboard. Plugged in users can enjoy red LED backlighting.

Most PC enthusiasts will have experience of Cherry MX keyswitches as they dominate the mechanical keyboard market nowadays. Buyers have the choice between Cherry MX keyswitches of the Red, Brown, Blue, and Black types. Your Cougar Attack X3 keyboard offers up to 1000Hz polling (tunable), 1ms response time and N Key rollover capabilities.

Cougar has equipped 10 programmable keys (with on-board memory), on the fly mode switching, and dedicated multimedia keys. The Cougar UIX system allows easy editing, storage, retrieval and sharing of macros, assigning pictures to profiles and more.

Product name

COUGAR ATTACK X3 Gaming Keyboard

Key switch

Cherry MX mechanical switch

N-key rollover

Yes( USB mode support )

Full key backlight


Game type


On-board memory


Polling rate

1000Hz / 1ms


Aluminium / Plastic






USB plug

Cable length

1.8m Braided


170(L) X 467(W) X 40(H) mm
6.69(L) X18.39(W) X 1.57(H) Inch


0.9kg (1.98 lb)


The Cougar Attack X3 gaming keyboard will be made available in Europe this month and in the USE in Q1 2016. Its MSRP is $119 plus tax.

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Damn it's ugly, has a small return key (although I guess that may be a US model and the UK one may have a full-sized return)….but the backlight looks good for those of us who like the dark and the physical size looks good…..with no macro keys around the edges as well. Perhaps we have function over form? Would be a novelty these days :)
Still screams “gamer” way too loud for my tastes.
Would preferred it brushed black with ice blue LEDs but that is one ugly keyboard
If it's for purists then wtf does it have lights on it for.
If it's for purists then wtf does it have lights on it for.
We all know the purists keyboard of them all is Das Keyboard Ultimate