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Rapoo launches the wireless KX Mechanical Keyboard for $79.99

by Mark Tyson on 23 October 2014, 13:05

Tags: PC

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Peripheral maker Rapoo has launched a new wireless mechanical keyboard. The device is called the KX Mechanical Keyboard. Key qualities are that it boasts a 10 metre wireless range, backlit mechanical keys and tactile multimedia keys, rechargability and it is offered in a range of keycap colours. It is available "now" in retail for $79.99 in North America (including Walmart).

Rapoo's new KX Mechanical Keyboard offers mechanical keys of unknown origin or feel. The company says that its "mechanical keys provide a comfortable typing experience for up to 60 million operations". They are housed in a sturdy stainless-steel keyboard chassis which offers three levels of backlighting. The keycaps will be available in a range of colours including red, yellow, or blue next year. Only black or white keycap options are available at launch. Complementing its mechanical key set Rapoo has installed a top strip of multimedia controls which are backlit and offer haptic feedback.

Users can utilise this keyboard in their choice of wired or wireless mode. The keyboard uses "5GHz wireless connection technology with reliable transmission within a scope of 10 meters". A minimally protruding 'nano receiver' plugs into your computer to facilitate the use of this keyboard wirelessly.

The wired mode makes use of a microUSB connection which also acts to recharge the keyboard's built-in battery. A built-in Li-ion battery is said to offer 40 hours of standby time and can recharge in four hours when wired to USB.

Overall, for the features it offers, the Rapoo KX Mechanical Keyboard is a well priced (at $79.99, equivalent to £50) compact device and may appeal to both desktop users and sofa surfers - with their living room PC and Laptops plugged into TVs. At the time of writing the tech specs link doesn't appear to be working and the PR email concerning the release didn't supply these specifications either.

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Looks quite retro-cool in those colours, but I don't think I'd be able to justify buying something called a “Rapoo”, no matter how good it was..
Even if they're Kailh or Matias switches, that's a good price for a mechanical keyboard, not to mention being wireless and backlit!
Mechanical or not, I don't fancy the look of those flat, unsculptured key caps…
(no affirmation that your fingers are resting on the current keys)
Very tempting.
Found an interesting unboxing video on youtube, though its german or something so I don't really understand it.

It uses a Cherry MX head, so is compatible with replacement keys suitable for MX switches. On the same part on the video, you can see the switch is labelled ‘PG1511’. After 5 seconds of googling I found a wiki entry describing it as
Kaihua PG1511 series is a family of Cherry MX clone switches. It is the basis for the Razer switch, manufactured for Razer by Kaihua
Going to have to pop into a local store that demos Razer products to try out these switches, absolute bargain at this price.
Touch sensitive Esc and Del buttons though…