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Microsoft’s mystery device revealed by German retailer?

by Pete Mason on 18 August 2010, 14:36

Tags: Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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A few weeks ago Microsoft Hardware teased a new device on Twitter before going mysteriously quiet.  Guesses as to its identity ranged from the weird to the wonderful, but most agreed that it was probably some sort of multi-touch trackpad.

While the official source is remaining quiet, German retailer notebooksbilliger may have let the cat out of the bag a little early with a listing for a yet-to-be-announced Microsoft ARC Touch Mouse.

The device appears to be able to arch its back while it's in use, before flattening down to allow for easy transportation.  From what we can tell, the traditional scroll-wheel has also been replaced by a touch sensitive scroll-panel.

Other features include Microsoft's BlueTrack optical technology for tracking across any surface and wireless connectivity using a 2.4GHz ‘nano-transceiver'.

The site has the mouse listed at €69.99 (around £58) clearly making this a high-end product.  However, it is in line with other premium mice, including Apple's Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad, which are both priced at €69 at the German Apple store.

Microsoft itself hasn't commented on the supposed leak, but if this is a fake, the mock-ups are very elaborate.  One things that we can say for sure is that the mouse is certainly good looking, with a sharp and innovative design.

The listing gives a release date of October 13, so we may still have some time to find out whether or not this is actually Microsoft's new mouse.

UPDATE: The product page has now been removed, but we made sure to get a screen grab, just in case.

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Looks like a very nice mouse. If it's anything like the original touch, it'll be very nice to use. Hopefully it doesn't die after 2 months like mine did! :D
Sorry to be negative (no, I mean it) but this product is still something you “hold”, and I therefore question the ergonomics of the thing.

Despite the fact that it's aging, and I worry I may not be able to replace it someday, I've never seen anything I would trade for my Logitech Cordless Optical TrackMan.

Not having to move my hand with the mouse is such a blessing. I used a “typical” mouse on a friends' computer this evening, to play a network game of Red Alert 2, and could literally feel the pressure build up in my hand as I played.

I can't wait for the day when Microsoft releases updates for its trackballs (pref. wireless). The only way they'll get money out of me for a mouse, otherwise, is if they bundle it with a keyboard.