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ASUS wireless HDMI transmitter to launch in March

by Tarinder Sandhu on 9 January 2010, 16:06

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What do you think this box of tricks is? It's the ASUS WiCast EW2000 video transmitter that hooks up to your PC/notebook's HDMI port and sends the signal, wirelessly, to an HDMI-totin' display.

Provided with a mains adapter but able to be powered from the host machine's USB ports - the transmitter can pull up to 4.75W - it can spit out near-zero-latency 1080p video at a distance of up to 5m (15ft).

The range isn't quite omnidirectional but is reckoned to be fine for the living room or office - the kind of environments it's intended to be used in.

Different to the ultra-wideband technology in the ASUS Eee Keyboard, the WHDI device is likely to retail for $199 when launched in a couple of months' time.

It's a pretty cool solution if you want to push video from a laptop to a big screen, but the price may well be a sticking point for most.

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for anyone obsessed with tidyness I think this is a great solution from your avr to your screen - if you can hide cabling and things behind your nice shiney boxes then you need no wires going up to your wall mounted screen.

How does this work going round corners and through walls?
I could def find a use for this in my house; however, the range and price means its a no.
You can get a similar bit of kit from Currys for £100 currently. Q-Waves AV Kit.

Work bought one, 3m range does make it very limited though!
Will definitely get 1, wiring desktop to projector is painful with expensive high-quality hdmi cables.

The Q-Waves kit doesn't transmit a HDMI signal (rather it act as a secondary vga adapter) so you can't really compare with this.
I would love one of these, looks like it'll be a few years away for me though when the price has fallen.

TBH I think 3m is fine, I'm sure most will use this for there HTPC which can easily be hidden 3m away from the TV.