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Alienware branches out with high-end gaming peripherals

by Parm Mann on 2 September 2009, 16:39

Tags: TactX Keyboard, TactX Mouse, Alienware (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Alienware, the enthusiast arm of Dell, has today announced two new gaming peripherals in the form of its TactX Keyboard and TactX Mouse.

Designed as a high-end accompaniment to Alienware's extreme gaming systems, both the keyboard and mouse feature Alienware's exclusive AlienFX lighting system - resulting in a choice of backlit colouring.

The TactX Keyboard, pictured above, features six customisable macro keys, unlimited customisable user profiles, WASD keys equipped with anti-ghosting technology, a removable palm rest and a six-foot-long USB cable in case you enjoy gaming from the couch.

The TactX Mouse, meanwhile, provides five user profiles, nine customisable buttons and a 5,000 DPI laser that support on-the-fly switching. Once again, there's a six-foot-long USB cable for "extended reach" sessions.

Both the TactX Keyboard and Mouse are available now in the U.S. priced at $99 each. No word on UK availability yet, though.

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Of course there are people that will buy them for the branding, but they're just plain ugly. Plus a KB with a 6ft lead??? nightmare!
Yeah, branding is what they'd sell on tbh, I'd say razer (who's build quality sucks) are much better, even the lights on my lycosa sometimes I feel ‘too bright’ and turn them off, that will light up a wedding hall! A KB with a 6ft cable is fine, but a mouse, no way :O! - Too long.

I see a similarity here…

I see a similarity here…

LOL, i thought i saw it aswell!. The keyboard also looks similar to the g15, the top slightly changed without the lcd display!.
Im overdue for a Keyboard & mouse upgrade. But unfortunately on this occasion Alienware doesnt tick all my boxes. I prefer a wireless mouse and a more classic keyboard layout (which is prooving hard to come by these days by any brand).
My sturdy 2001 MS keyboard & logitech MX700 will have to live on for a bit longer :handbag: