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Pioneer announces world's most compact DVD writer

by Parm Mann on 31 July 2009, 11:26

Tags: DVR-XD09, Pioneer

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With the likes of Blu-ray and digital distribution clogging up headlines, it isn't everyday we get excited about a good ol' DVD writer, but here's one worth mentioning.

It's manufactured by Pioneer, and it's called the DVR-XD09. The external drive, pictured below, measures 133mm x 133mm x 14.7mm, and weighs around 226g - making it "the industry’s most compact design to date," says Pioneer.

The DVR-XD09 connects via USB and is capable of reading/writing DVDs at up to 8x and CDs at up to 24x. And it'll support dual-layer DVD writing, too.

Pioneer reckons it's the perfect accompaniment for a drive-less ultra-portable, say for example the increasingly popular netbooks. Not a bad idea we reckon, and it'll be available next month priced at $79.99 (roughly £50).

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nice, defo a good addition for those that have net book, without a drive, but still need something portable to pick up and grab when need be.
This looks just the thing I've been after
A bit expensive to go with most netbooks (not that that's a complaint - it will presumably cost more to manufacture and equally R&D probably wasn't all that cheap), but certainly perfect for the ultra-portables without optical readers.
Hmmm. Good idea. And yeah, there's a price premium but not an insurmountable one. I don't need one, but if I did, the price sure wouldn't be much of an obstacle. In fact, it's priced cleverly …. high enough to ensure a god return but not high enough to put off those that really want/need one.
Is it reasonable to assume that its USB powered? I've not bought an external optical storage since a Yamaha 4x CD-ROM so I am not sure if USB can power them, but I've come across more than one device where the power converter is bulkier than the device itself.