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AVerTV Twin Star set for July UK launch

by Scott Bicheno on 8 June 2009, 12:57

Tags: AVerMedia

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Twin tuners

You can always count on AVerMedia to offer a fresh take on TV functionality for the PC at Computex and one of the products it was most keen to bring our attention to this year was the AverTV Twin Star USB dual DVB tuner.

The novel thing about the Twin Star, we were told, is that it's a dual digital tuner (thus allowing you to watch and record different things at the same time), but with an embedded antenna.

This not only halves the number of external leads you need in order to watch and record simultaneously but gives users the flexibility to watch TV on the go too.

We were told to expect the Twin Star to make an appearance in the UK by next month, but not given any price guidance.



Another product that caught our eye was the AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II card, which as well as having a remote activation function, offers not only dual digital, but dual analog tuners.



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An internal aerial…inside a building? Money says you pick up a dozen channels of static and not much else.

Good on paper, fail on delivery.
erm… even the photo shows it in the side of a laptop. Which, unless thigns have dramatically changed since yesterday, can be used outside.

It does seem a little bit like a solution looking for a problem, but I don't doubt some poeple will find it useful.