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Cooler Master CM310 is "the gaming mouse for everyone"

by Mark Tyson on 11 July 2018, 12:31

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Cooler Master has launched a new gaming mouse which it claims is affordable for everyone. The new Cooler Master CM310 is said to offer "versatile, reliable, dependable," performance and does indeed seem to check a lot of boxes. It is an ergonomic but ambidextrous design and features; an adjustable 10,000 DPI 'gaming grade' sensor, rubberised side grips, balanced weight and feel, 8 buttons in total, and multi-zone RGB illumination. It delivers all these qualities for the modest sum of US $30 / GBP £24.

Bryant Nguyen, Peripheral General Manager at Cooler Master said "We created a new mouse for gamers that are looking for a comfortable, ambidextrous, RGB gaming mouse that doesn't break the bank." Nguyen went on to highlight the wrap around RGB illumination and 10000 DPI sensor components as exemplary at this price point.

Looking deeper into the specs, we find that the CM310 uses a Pixart A3328 optical sensor. The sensor is easily adjusted through seven CPI/DPI levels ranging from 500 - 10,000 via two easy access DPI control buttons on top of the mouse, above the chunky textured RGB scroll wheel. As well as the clickable wheel there are two main buttons, two side buttons, an RGB mode toggle, and the aforementioned DPI adjustment buttons.

Gaming requires long term ergonomics and comfort and Cooler Master thinks its ambidextrous design with textured rubberised side grips help deliver precision and control. Furthermore, the calibrated equally distributed 100g weight of the mouse is said to hit the sweet spot for feel and balance. Last but not least the CM310 has multi-zone RGB LED lighting with five preset modes.

Cooler Master shares detailed specs for the CM310 on its product pages but I have mentioned all the essentials above except for the lift off distance (3mm), polling rate (1,000Hz), dimensions (127 x 71.5 x 39.5mm) and the fact that the CM310 is equipped with a 1.8m flexible rubber cable.

In its email to HEXUS, Cooler Master said that the CM310 is available immediately at $30 / £24, through its usual channels and distributors. Buyers receive a 2-year warranty.

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How is it ambidextrous if the buttons are only on one side?
I have an ambi Roccat Kova under my hand right now and the off-side buttons intended for lefties really get in the way of a righty… and vice versa. Surely this would just hack off the lefties?

Also, for £24 I got a lot more mouse for my money with CM's Inferno mouse…
If it has that RGB nonsense then it's not for me!
this mouse is not ambidextrous!!! its only for right handed people not for lefties.. its need to have the same buttons on both sides of the mouse to be ambidextrous mouse..
I had a microsoft mouse which was ambidextrous and had a button either side (usually mapped to back and forward on webpages). I kept that for a bit and then got a Logitech MX Revolution which cost about £70 and I still have. It's a stupendously good mouse but is definitly not for the cackhanded. I'm amazed given the high margin, lowish volume nature of a £70 mouse that they didn't make a lefty version. They could certainly reuse a lot of parts and inverting the design / CAD stuff on modern design software would surely be dead easy? Surely they just need to produce a different set of moulds for the plastic parts and the PCBs, etc could be easily cut to a different shape and so on.

Am I just being simple?
Thing is, if you take a product that's already low volume, then make a left-handed (not cack-handed) version, volumes for that are going to be even lower still. Left-handed versions of things will always be a niche, given that only 10% of us are left-handers.

Happily for me, although I write left-handed, I've always used a mouse right-handed. No idea why, but I really do look cack-handed when I try and use a mouse with my left hand…