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PLANET Internet Monitor is watching - be careful what you type

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 June 2007, 12:53

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Computex 2007 Ever felt as if your PC activity was being watched by your boss?

That every time you snuck on to MSN for a quick chat when you should have been compiling boring Excel graphs was a cause for concern?

Well, you're probably right to be afraid, judging by some of the clever hardware on show at COMPUTEX, such as PLANET's IM-1000 Internet Monitor.

It can be configured to record emails, IM conversations, web-browsing, and general downloading activity.

What's more, an entire office's PC history can be recorded on to the built-in 160GB hard drive.

So the next time you quickly Alt+Tab out of a screen that you shouldn't be in and breathe a sigh of relief, chances are you may not get away with it.

We'll come back to add product-specification links, soon. Honest!

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I wouldn't say ‘afraid’ as such… products like this are unlikely to get high levels of usage in businesses with well defined policies already in place and enforced.

Everyone in employment here should know their employee handbook contents on issues of privacy and monitoring.
If a solution like this infringes on an employers published policy, it is likely (although few precedents exist) that they are acting unlawfully.
On the other hand if a policy doesn't exist, the employer has no right, other than can be proved reasonable before a court, to monitor at all.

The humans rights act and data privacy laws are clear in that all monitoring has to be with a). express consent or b). with business positive and proven evidence backed reasoning. Spontaneous, ‘nosey-parker’ type snooping is very difficult for an employer to justify.