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IDF Fall 2004: DTCP/IP

by David Ross on 7 September 2004, 00:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Paul Otellini's keynote speech touched on DTCP/IP as a means to getting protected digital content into the home without fuss. Close after, Netgear announced their first DTCP/IP devices that allow streaming of protected digital content, mainly movies, onto the home network.

Working with Real Networks, Movielink, Netgear and Digital5, Intel have partnered with those companies to produce the technology behind DTCP/IP as part of their push into the digital home.

Starzi Movie was demonstrated, a system whereby you download entire films from the internet, queued up as you want to watch them. As the movie is streamed to the DTCP/IP device, it starts playing as soon as enough buffered content exists for you to do so, keeping smooth playback for the rest of the film.

Working with Real's Helix DRM system, the content is protected from the Netgear device to any reciever, which allows you to stream it to any PC in the home, not just one media center PC, as long as the home PCs are Helix-aware.

Intel are keen to work with Apple and Microsoft in getting the new technology into their software and operating systems.

More demos of DTCP/IP systems will be demonstrated at IDF in the coming days.