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WD introduces Plex Media Server for My Cloud NAS series devices

by Mark Tyson on 20 May 2015, 11:51


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Plex is a very popular media organisation and streaming software system. The media server software works on most computers and NAS devices. Meanwhile the client software, to watch the stored media remotely, is available for a great many devices including the likes of the PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple systems, Windows, Android, various STBs and Smart TVs. Now the media server software has been made available to WD My Cloud NAS owners.

WD has announced that the Plex Media Server app will be available for its range of My Cloud NAS devices. Sven Rathjen, vice president & general manager, WD networked content solutions, said that Plex is a good example of the applications that WD likes to provide for customers. "With today's addition of the Plex app, the My Cloud NAS series will now be a one-stop shop to not only store and protect your most precious content, but to organize and stream that content to all your devices as well," anticipated Rathjen.

The exact WD My Cloud models supported by this first release of Plex Media Server for WD include the My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2/EX4, My Cloud EX2100/EX4100 and My Cloud DL2100/DL4100. Users of these devices are told to expect; "world class DLNA support built right in to the app," effortless sharing of stored content to your own, family and friends' devices, and a simple interface to organise all your media.

Plex organises your computer server/NAS stored personal media in a unified 'beautiful' way, adding descriptions, plot summaries, posters, and album covers. It can organise your movies, videos, music and photos making them easy to sort and find on the devices you stream them from wherever you are. The server app is free but the unlimited client app is usually charged for in various app stores. I got my full Android Plex client free in an Amazon App Store special offer (I've seen the offer come up again since I got it).

Plex Media Server is available on many rival manufacturer NAS systems, such as those made by Synology, Netgear, QNAP, Thecus and others, so it's good that WD has caught up. It's not just good for current users, it might be important in potential purchaser buying decisions.

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I was one of the early customers for WD MyBookDuo personal cloud NaS and my only complaint is that access is so sluggish when more than one person wants to access/watch videos, pix or other things.
I have been reading more about these WD red, (mine came with the green, just before these red versions became more available for this type of app, the computer controlled hard drives with dual core, tri core processors faster than what powered some full desktops not too long ago
I only wish there was a way to tweak these devices so I dont have to spring for another $500 plus for my home media storage set up, sever ,if you will.
I like to be able to allow kids to access movies via remote locations via the wd2go or something and some other kid or adult may be watching another video, audio file or whatever without being able to notice. can not hve 2 people watching the same thing at once unless it is mutually agreed upon at the same time as i t i s now
I buy plenty of bandwidth via the isp cable 100mbps here alone with proper routers and so forth. but issue seems to be in this early cousin to the current my cloud
To make this comment more germane: I was wondering if this software would work , and if it would make the experiences on the my cloud version better? of, if it plans to do so if there is no current compatibility.
I've gotten no promotional alerts from WD , and I did put myself on mailing lists deliberately, i wanted to be tracked and didnt mind them ‘invading’ my privacy.*joke*