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Rivet Networks Killer Wireless xTend tech now available

by Mark Tyson on 6 June 2018, 10:11

Tags: Rivet Networks, MSI, Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Alienware (NASDAQ:DELL)

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Rivet Networks has announced that its new Killer Wireless xTend Technology is now available in PCs, laptops and motherboards from the likes of MSI, Dell, Acer, Clevo and Zotac. In brief, the Killer Wireless xTend enables PCs to seamlessly clone and extend home networks. Of course, as a Killer product, it also leverages game traffic prioritisation technology.

Key claimed benefits of Killer Wireless xTend :

  • Eliminate poor Wi-Fi signals
  • Simple to use
  • Powerful network prioritisation

Summing up the product appeal, Michael Cubbage, CEO at Rivet Networks, said "The Gaming PC is almost always the most powerful device in the home, and with Killer Wireless xTend you can now use it to extend your home wireless network while making sure your games and videos play fast and smooth."

In a press release emailed to HEXUS, Rivet explained that the new technology adds "powerful MESH network capabilities" to computers in your home via the Killer Wireless-AC 1550 Wi-Fi module. As you would expect, this expands the range of your home network, giving access to other wireless devices which might have otherwise been out of range or suffering from weak connectivity.

Killer Wireless xTend is fully integrated into the Killer Control Centre software. In the control panel it is a trivial task to implement Killer xTend. If the computer is using Killer DoubleShot Pro to connect to the internet, then all-the-better as it delivers its Wi-Fi connected devices traffic over Ethernet.

As with previous Killer networking products, you can expect Killer's Advanced Stream Detect Technology to detect and prioritise game data over less important traffic. Thus the product "improves latency, reduces jitter, and virtually eliminates video freezes by prioritizing critical network traffic to help users enjoy their gaming, web surfing and streaming video experiences more than ever before," says Rivet Networks.

Expect to see Killer Wireless xTend in various new MSI, Dell (Alienware), Acer, Clevo and Zotac products showcased at Computex 2018.

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Nice diagrams, but I've stopped trusting Killer kit - had 2 cards RMAd for being terrible, most recently in my XPS laptop, had it switched out for an Intel card that is more stable, more features, cheaper and measurably faster.
The latest Killer enable Linksys Router is a thing of “fast”. It works well on the traffic priority and range was good too.


This latest offering is a very different thing though. Piggybacking and reboosting the Killer Network wifi signal to most distant rooms in a large house is a pretty clever passive idea.

What it needs is… 4 or 5 people walking the length of a street, with Killer Wireless xTend seeing how far it can be stretched :)
Hi Virtuo - sorry you had problems with your Killer inside the XPS. I am with Rivet Networks and we make Killer Networking products. The issue with that was actually due to the networking integration of Windows as they continue to incorporate more and more of the networking stack into the OS. While the bug was on Microsoft's side, it only affected our customers as we utilize more of the networking stack than any other consumer product.

It is fixed now, but I understand your frustration. We work very hard to keep problems like this from happening. Please also note that as of January, we are moving our new WiFi products to Intel chipsets. Intel is now a strong partner of ours, and we work closely with them to ensure a high quality product for both Intel and Killer Networking chips.