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Sharp's 9-foot LCD monitor is yours for $100,000, and an LCD with an 8.84MP resolution!

by Tarinder Sandhu on 10 January 2007, 22:21

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The CES 2007 award for the biggest LCD monitor belonged to Sharp with its 9-foot monster that supports 1080p and is rumoured will set you back a cool $100,000!

Other vendors whose not-so-big displays didn't make the grade were quick to point out that Sharp's display won't be a full-production run. Rather, they hissed, it was a one-off aimed at getting cheap press. And it worked!

1080p resolution is fine for, say, a 60in display but the sheer size of larger models means that the dot pitch is evident at close quarters. What you need is higher resolution, much higher, and Sharp was showcasing a 64in LCD monitor with an impressive 8.84MP resolution (4K x 2K), which is over quadruple 1080p's. Needless to say, the picture quality was, ahem, Sharp.

So just what graphics card set up do we need to run Crysis at full detail and full resolution on this display?


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What graphics card? don't you mean what graphics cards? :P