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ECS launches P35-based Digital Home mainboard. No others planned

by Tarinder Sandhu on 8 June 2007, 13:35

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Computex 2007

In an interesting turn of events, ECS announced that the only mainboard it will be releasing based on Intel's popular Bearlake P35 chipset will be a Digital Home product, the P35T-A.

This marries the P35 MCH to the ICH9DH southbridge to support Intel's Viiv technology straight out of the box.

We're surprised to see ECS not take the budget ICH9 (non-R) route with its retail model - it's known as a company that puts value-for-money ahead of fancy features.

But at least the possibility of CrossFire is present.

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I love this board just want to know if they will support a 1600 fsb with a bios update?
That was one of the reasons I didn't go for this board. The other being that it was sold out continuously when I was looking for it.
Since when does ECS make mobos? i knew they make graphics cards, but mobos?
i luckily bought an Abit IP35 Dark Raider from someone the other day for £40 including £7.50 next day del.

absolute bargain!
runs 400FSB with a boost in NB voltage and CPU voltage.

and best of all.. all the added extras with the board (cables and stuff) were all still sealed so it was basically a brand new board.