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Glofiish X800, the smartphone to own? GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth

by Tarinder Sandhu on 13 June 2007, 17:42

Tags: E-TEN

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Computex 2007 E-TEN reckons it has the the smartphone to own, the Glofiish X800.

The X800, which we first saw at CeBIT, packs in the features. Integrated WiFi, GPS, quad-band GSM, a 2MP camera on the rear and 0.3MP on the front, Bluetooth, Micro-SD expansion, HSPDA (3.5G), and more.

It also sports a decent VGA (640x480) touchscreen TFT LCD display, runs off Windows Mobile 6 Professional and is powered by a Samsung SC3 2442 500MHz processor.

You may expect it to be a little frumpy, considering the amount of tech. shoehorned in.

It's not much bigger than a Sony Ericsson K800i. The X800 measures in at 113.5mm x 60.5mm x 15.8mm and should be available to buy for around $750. We wants!

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The only complaints I have with my current handset (a WM6 Smartphone like this, with GPS) is that it's QVGA and doesn't support 3G.

So for me, this handset pretty much ticks all the boxes. Any news on whether cell carriers here in the UK will pick it up?
'It's too early to say'

The words I hate any PR folk mutter. It's pretty sweet.
To be honest I'd rather buy one from a manufacturer i've heard of.

It's also not the nicest looking device out there. The HTC phones are much slicker.
To be honest I'd rather buy one from a manufacturer i've heard of.
To be fair, companies such as these normally make devices for other manufacturers.

This looks rather sweet to me. I'd have it if it weren't so expensive. To be fair, my WM2003SE phone isn't too bad comparatively, and it cost £90 a year ago.
Any idea whether it'll support SDHC (SD cards supporting over 2GB)? because if it's only extendable to 2 gigs (current Micro SD card limit i think) then i'd rather get something with a bit more storage - especially at that price tag.

Plus, while it is an impressive feature list, in a non fanboy sense, i think the iPhone sounds a bit better. I see no need for two cameras, especially when one is only 0.3mp - hardly worth it just to save the effort of turning round the phone - and the only thing it has that the iPhone currently doesn't is GPS. Given the iPhone is being released at a price of $400-600, i think it will be hard pushed to beat Apple.

Don't get me wrong, it looks like a nice piece of kit, but i think they will have trouble shifting large quantities given the competition. The only benefit (debatable) i guess would be that it runs on Windows rather than OS X.