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Rock launches Pegasus T12 with 7 hours battery life

by Steve Kerrison on 28 August 2006, 10:58

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With Core 2 comes reduced power consumption and with that comes longer battery life. So much so that Rockdirect's latest laptop can keep at it for over 7 hours.

The new Pegasus T12 is aimed at businessmen and teachers, both the kinds of people who could do with a laptop that can go all day without a recharge, apparently. The 7 hour run time is as obtained using the MobileMark 2002 productivity workload test.

Laptops with a battery life in this region aren't unheard of, IBM's X41 managing over 6 hours, for example, and numerous laptops theoretically capable of more with the addition of a second battery pack (usually put in place of the optical drive). Nevertheless, Core 2 Duo 'Merom' and a 10 000mAh battery in the T12 give it its longevity.

This gives schools and colleges the opportunity to get a full working day from the notebook without the need to recharge. Business users who operate on the road will also find this a great feature. rock customers need no longer experience the distraction of searching for a power socket in the middle of a lesson or presentation!

Phew, I'm glad about that! Ā£750 ex VAT will get you a Core 2 Duo T5500. The T12 has a 15.4" screen, although at the time of writing it's not known what GPU drives it; we're guessing Intel GMA. The T12 will be available for purchase from the 28th August.

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Hopefully other manufacturs will start to think about better battery life too, though hopefully not at the expense of explosive batteries. Personally I would be happy to lug around another 100g and a few mm if I could have better battery life.
Would be interesting to see how far it could go with the 2-Power Xcell 70 that was reviewed last week.
Hmm Id debate that figure since it depends on such a relatively old benchmark (already superseded by MM 2005), which would use old version of programs in its suite and is very office heavy, whereas its usually creativity/media software that are the real battery drainers…

Then again MobileMark itself isnt really up-to-date (still uses Office XP) so its hard to guage the results either way. Ill wait until we have other comparisions using such benchmarks or real life tests before Im impressed…

ps3ud0 :cool:
Cheapo £300 Dell Inspiron Celeron quotes over 5 hours battery life. Gets 3 1/2 if you are lucky.

7 hours should be easy with screen brightness set at ‘Matt Black’

Actually that states 10000mah battery.
5 1/2 or so hours with Inspiron was with 7200 mah battery