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Rock rocks up with Core Duo and Turion X2 lappys

by Steve Kerrison on 28 June 2006, 16:53

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Yes, I just broke the rules of a good IT journalist and called it them 'lappys', but who's gonna stop me?

Anyway, rock direct, not a company that likes to sit back and wait for technology to pass them by, is introducing two new notebooks, one based on a Core Duo, the other based on a dual core Turion from AMD.

First up, the Core Duo jobby. Rock are going to provide the Pegasus 660 with up to a Core Duo T2700 (that's two 2.33GHz cores), along with NVIDIA's GeForce Go 7600 mobile GPU, with a nice meaty 256MiB framebuffer, and as much as 2GiB of DDR2 RAM. It sounds hefty, but it's only got a 15.4" screen, so it's not going to be a lap-breaking behemoth.

In camp AMD, rock have the power of the Turion 64 X2, which they'll take as high as the TL-60 for you, for a price. That, by the way, has two 2.0GHz cores and uses 35 watts of precious power. The Quaddra TX2, as it's known, has a 17" screen at a nice 1680x1050 WSXGA+ resolution, again with the Go 7600.

Both laptops come with a 3 year collect and repair parts and labour warranty. The Pegasus 660 starts at £1056.33 inc. and the Quaddra TX2 £1173.83 inc.

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Is it wrong I want a laptop, just so i dont have to get out of bed to go on IRC :embarrassed: