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Apple iPad pushed back to April, hitting UK stores priced from £389?

by Parm Mann on 2 March 2010, 09:25

Tags: iPad, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Apple may be forced into delaying its highly-anticipated iPad launch amid reports of problems at Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai Precision, more commonly known by its trade name Foxconn.

According to Canaccord Adams analyst Peter Misek, a "manufacturing bottleneck" at Hon Hai Precision will result in only 300k units being available at launch - a massive 70 per cent less than Apple's estimated 1,000k units.

Misek adds that although the supposed problems are unlikely to have a long-term effect on sales - with Canaccord predicting that 1.2 million iPads will ship in fiscal 2010 - Apple may "limit the launch region to the US" or alternatively delay the launch for a month.

The latter suggestion falls in line with rumoured UK pricing leaked by gadget blog geeky-gadgets.com. According to the site's anonymous source, Apple's iPad will now arrive at UK retail in April, priced at £389 for a 16GB model, £439 for a 32GB model and £489 for the highest-capacity 64GB model. The speculative pricing is for Wi-Fi only models, with 3G-enabled units expected to arrive weeks later at an additional premium.

The rumoured retail prices are closely in line with confirmed US pricing, where the entry-level iPad will cost $499, $599 or $699 for the respective 16GB, 32GB and 64GB storage capacities. The listed US pricing excludes local taxes.

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Thats about right for a USD to GBP, with VAT!……… What's going on!?!

this must be lies.
They've realised the usual overpricing won't work due to the luke-warm (cold!) reception the iPad has already had.
Looks foward a few months…

So its due to stock shortages it didn't sell well…
Looks forward a few months…

So its due to stock shortages it didn't sell well…

you old cynic :rolleyes:
So its due to stock shortages it didn't sell well…
Or their hoping some good old limited supply will drum up some extra enthusiam from punters.

Don't delay or believe your friends when they say they arent getting one cause it blows. THEY'VE ALREADY PRE-ORDERED! and you are going to be left out!