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Apple faces iPad backlash

by Parm Mann on 29 January 2010, 12:37

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Living up to the hype surrounding the fabled tablet was always going to be a gargantuan task for Apple, but even CEO Steve Jobs couldn't have foreseen the iPad ridicule provided by web users in the 48 hours following its unveiling.

Apple, soaking up as much hype as possible, unveiled the product in San Francisco earlier this week, preceding festivities with a a message that read "last time there was this much excitement about a tablet it had some commandments written on it".

Jobs, describing the iPad as both "magical and revolutionary", was quick to rubbish rival netbooks as "cheap laptops", adding that the iPad will provide "the best web experience you've ever had".

Yet, unlike previously-successful product unveilings, Apple's high-profile event has been met with a underwhelming response from consumers and journalists alike. Such is the disappointment in Apple's "latest creation" that bloggers have already opted to sink their teeth into Apple's yet-to-be-released device, with many calling it just an oversized iPod touch.

Although web-based ridicule of new products is nothing new - the speed at which Apple's iPad has promptly fallen from grace is nothing short of remarkable.

In addition to being described as a larger iPod touch, Internet users have also been quick to point out the similarity between the iPad name and certain female hygiene products.

Highlighting the extent of iPad jokes is the new-found term iTampon, which in recent days has become one of Twitter's biggest trending topics.

There has also been a backlash from some of the world's most popular technology blogs - sites that have traditionally praised recent Apple products. Gadget blog Gizmodo has listed 8 Things That Suck About the iPad, and asks "Why stop at 8?" before listing "more things we are discovering that suck about the iPad".

Some of the iPad criticism has centred on the lack of certain features - including no built-in camera, no support for Adobe Flash content, and the inability to run multiple applications at any one time.

Yet, despite the widespread iPad bashing, many analysts are still predicting market success. If Apple's recent product announcements are anything to go by, the initial doubt should come as little surprise, considering that both the iPod and iPhone were initially met with scepticism. When the iPad hits stores in April, history suggests it will be followed by queues of Apple fanatics eager to get their hands on the device, and perhaps a rush of positive media reviews.

But let's not look too far ahead, Apple naysayers will be keen to enjoy the iPad bashing whilst it lasts, so we've embedded two of the most popular iPad video parodies for your viewing pleasure below.

iPad Maxipad

Hitler responds to the Apple iPad

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For more, and in places inspired, iPad mockery may I suggest a visit to http://www.b3ta.com who are currently running an image challenge on this topic.

(Usually fine, but not always suitable for work)
(Usually fine, but not always suitable for work)

Understatement of the year methinks ;)

Just realised I've not logged onto B3ta for over a year, must have a look..
I am curious to what kind of prices this will sell for and what volumes will sell. I think it will still sell because it will appeal to people who will see this as a cool fashion item, it certainly has little practical use.
the maxiPad from madtv was superb
Storm in a teacup tbh.

Personally, if I hadn't bought a macbook pro recently, I'd have probably bought one - it's looks to be an ideal device for casual surfing, sending some emails, watching a film, reading an ebook etc, and one which has plenty of scope for expanded roles with the right applications.

As a lifestyle internet device I can see an awful lot of benefit for those who want to be able to use the internet etc, but don't want to faff with a computer.

If you feel that it's “just a big ipod touch”, the lack of multitasking doesn't make it a good device, or the lack of flash would ruin your ability to browse the web, then it's not designed with you in mind, besides nobody is forcing you to buy one…

Besides, dubious naming and specification didn't stop the Wii from selling bucket-loads..