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Quad-core Intel laptop now available...down under

by Parm Mann on 14 July 2008, 11:00

Tags: Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

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Australian retailer, Pioneer Computers, appears to be one step ahead of Intel's roadmap as it now offers its DreamBook Style 9008 laptop with Intel's unreleased quad-core mobile processor, the 2.53GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9300.

The 45nm chip, with 12MiB cache and 1,066MHz FSB, is yet to be officially announced by Intel, but Pioneer Computers has it available as a $1,449 upgrade.

Customers who purchase the DreamBook with a QX9300 processor can expect to receive the system within two weeks, says Pioneer. If those delivery estimates are indeed accurate, Intel should be on the verge of launching its top-end quad-core mobile part.


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I think I'd be right in saying that the only mobile quads we'll have for sometime will be extreme variants and thus have a rediculous price tag. Mainstream mobile quads are set for next year as far as I remember.
Are these desktop CPUs stuck in a laptop? Like in the olden days when desktop Pentium 4's were foolishly put in laptops burning all those who dared use them on their laps?
Are these desktop CPUs stuck in a laptop?

I think they must be, ‘coz there’s a certain laptop builder in the UK who have been selling - or at least advertising the sale of, quad core CPU's in their top-spec laptop for at least 6 months - that I know of :)

Kobalt Computers state of their Commanche SLI

Unlike traditional notebooks which use lower power mobile processors, the Comanche SLI utilises the latest Intel® Core® 2 Quad 45nm desktop processors.
These are the first actual mobile quad cores, allegedly socket P.

Lots of people have been making laptops based on desktop chipsets that can use Core 2 desktop processors, including quad cores, for a long time, but this is brand new.

The thing I find interesting about this one and the Q9100 that is supposed to follow it is that their TDP rating is only 35-45 watts. That's a heck of an improvement if it directly compares to their desktop counterparts. You can put together your own quad core laptop with one of those Asus DIY notebooks for a lot cheaper, but it only supports the Q6000 series, and I always figured that would eat your battery alive, but it seems they got over that.
Yep these mobile quads have been on the roadmap for some time. But as you can see it's an expensive upgrade for what right now is a niche market.