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GIGABYTE's M912 to freshen up the netbook space

by Parm Mann on 11 July 2008, 12:00

Tags: Gigabyte (TPE:2376)

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What is it the ASUS Eee, MSI Wind and Acer Aspire One all have in common? Well, quite a few things, actually. They all tend to look very similar, they all offer similar-size screens with the usual 1,024 x 600 resolution, and they all tend to offer Windows XP or Linux operating systems.

GIGABYTE, who's no stranger to taking on ASUS, clearly hasn't been following the trend and is doing things a little differently with its own Eee-beater, the M912.

The GIGABYTE device, pictured above, will become one of the first Atom-powered netbooks to land in the UK with a swivelling touch-screen, making the device part netbook, part tablet. Similar, then, to the Japan-only SC series from Kohjinsha.

It'll feature the usual 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GiB of RAM and a generous 160GiB HDD. The 8.9in touch-screen may be a tad smaller than other devices, but, it makes amends with a higher resolution of 1280 x 768. That'll be a big selling point.

The impressive screen isn't the only improvement, either. The M912 will be available with Windows XP, Linux, or Windows Vista Home Basic. Many users might deem Vista to be excessive on such a device, but we feel consumers should at least have the choice.

It isn't all good news, however. GIGABYTE's M912 might be packing a few party pieces, but it'll have to make a few sacrifices, too. Firstly, the M912 will be thicker than most netbooks, measuring 42mm at its thickest point - that'll make it a fraction over 10mm thicker than MSI's Wind. Secondly, it won't be as cheap. Though GIGABYTE is yet to confirm pricing, the M912 is likely to be priced higher than its touch-less competition. Should the device reach the netbook-forbidden Ā£400 mark, even its tablet functionality will make it a hard sell.

Pricing aside, we're liking the idea and we'll be looking forward to its arrival sometime next month. A touch-screen on a netbook device just seems to make good sense. All the M912 needs now is a catchy name, and we're secretly hoping they'll call it the GEE PC.

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Looks interesting, but the question still remains WHY get one of these? They all seem to be missing a true purpose, since virtually every function they can do, can also be done by a decent smartphone, and for the same cost!

I still think they're holding themselves back by going to WindowsXP on a lot of these devices. They should move to a customised OS designed to ensure that consumers know exactly what they're for, so focus on webbrowsing and media playback.

I'd still like to see one that offered digitial freeview pickup and a dvd drive.
A tablet PC is nothing new. This thing looks ugly.
I think it looks quite nice. Its different, and whats what will sell it - its a small tablet PC thats like the Eee but with a touch screen. It bridges the gap between a smart phone (Like the iPhone) that is too small to use and a small laptop (like the Asus Eee).