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UK gets its own low-cost laptop courtesy of Elonex

by Parm Mann on 18 February 2008, 11:31

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Launches 28th Feb at the Education Show 2008

Low-cost laptops are becoming all the rage in 2008 and now there's a new "ONE" on the block.

Designed by Elonex, the Elonex ONE laptop is dubbed as "the UK’s first sub £100 laptop aimed at the Education Sector".

Thanks to negotiations with the UK Government, Elonex has managed to make the low-cost laptop VAT exempt, one of the key factors in helping the laptop reach its £99 price point.

The ONE weighs in at 2.2lbs, features a 7" screen, 1GB of memory and provides a three hour battery. It'll run a Linux operating system and in an interesting twist, the display can be detached from the keyboard. Elonex state that with the screen detached, it can be used as a tablet PC. We have got to get our hands on Elonex's definition of Tablet PCs mind you, as the ONE doesn't provide touch functionality.

Elonex One


Sam Goult, Marketing Manager at Elonex, comments "This pioneering technology has been developed to help nurture our children’s education, to integrate them into the modern digital world that we all now belong to. The ONE removes the cost barrier that has prevented the one-laptop-per-person, large-scale uptake of computers in the education system that has for so long been just a pipe-dream. Investment in digital technology is paramount to help the next generation achieve their full potential."

The Elonex ONE will be launched at The Education Show held at Birmingham's NEC from February 28th to March 1st.

Official product page: Elonex.co.uk/laptop

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Considering we're the nation that gave people the jet engine, thats just a shame. Its not really exiting, and the Eee looks better, and price point wise , when you factor in VAT on the eee. What i'm getting at is do you really need something this cheap, with such reduced functionaility?

I know its designed to be cheap and everything, but the keyboard looks like its designed to be painful to type on.

As for a tablet without a touch screen…. Oh dear.

Also that picture, its clearly running XP?
Oh dear, that screen is a bit thick tablet or not.

I'm not seeing the use for it being a tablet even if it did have a touch screen. I know people who work in IT at schools and I know what they would do to something like that within 5 minutes.. vultures.

Rubbery keyboard is actually a good idea however horrible it is to use.. the kids like to pull the keys off and spill things afterall.

Maybe it will appeal to schools, maybe not but I certainly wouldn't consider one for personal use. The reason I think the Eee is so fantastic is it looks a lot further than the original £100 laptop idea for kids in schools…for £200 :laugh:
It's got the specs of a PDA. Err, sweet. Working in education even I can't see a point for this. I thought the Eee PC was limiting in education… this is just without purpose.

Regarding the XP comment, that's clearly a mock-up. Looking at the IE toolbar and the task bar I'd guess it's just a rotated screenshot at 1280x800 or something that's been plastered onto the photo. Usefully it's also without a start button… :|

Thought Elonex had died too? No?
now im not usually one to form an opinion on a product by its looks but this one looks like something from the 80's :surprised: