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Plentiful supplies of AMD Radeon RX 480 cards are reported

by Mark Tyson on 22 June 2016, 09:31


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We often get really excited about new graphics card launches, but when it comes to the day we end up left being disappointed due to scarce or even unavailable stocks. I'm sure HEXUS readers can recount exactly this type of phenomenon in recent history – but AMD looks determined not to let it happen on Polaris launch day.

Independent reports published by both HardOCP and WCCF Tech say that AMD has readied good supplies of the Polaris graphics cards scheduled to launch and to actually become available next week.

WCCF Tech's informers have indicated that "retailers & e-tailers have been stocking up on RX 480 GPUs for the past couple of weeks and that the supply for the RX 400 launch is 'strong'." We have previously seen evidence of suppliers in China readying for the RX 480 launch, wanting to shift stock ASAP with pre-orders open.

Another tech site, HardOCP, published figures from its sources indicating North American supplies from day one will consist of "around 8,000 cards". This initial availability will consist of cards using the stock AMD cooler design. The stocks are said to be historically better than usual for AMD.

Remember that Polaris launch day, June 29, will see the RX 480 released by AMD, with the other two cards following on at an unspecified date.

Good availability should help buyers purchase at near to, or better than, MSRPs. WCCF Tech claims the US dollar pricing for the RX 460, 470, 480 4GB & 8GB will be $99, $149, $199 and $229 respectively. For more performance and price options, HardOCP says that AiB partner RX 480 custom designs will start to become available from mid to late July.

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8000 doesn't seem that plentiful for the whole of NA to me. Any comment from friendly retailers?
why can't they put the power points on the rear side. would make for tidier systems!
why can't they put the power points on the rear side. would make for tidier systems!

I imagine that would be against the PCI-E spec as I don't believe cards are allowed to be much wider than the slot on the right hand side to ensure cards on the right fit. Annoying but imagine thats why no one has done it.

Really excited for the 480 and glad they have decently levels of stock. I might even get a reference cooler if the reviews are good!
… I might even get a reference cooler if the reviews are good!

I too am awaiting the reviews…and if the pricing is as good as it appears to be then the RX480 will be my new card.
By the time 480 launches Nvidia would have sold 500,000 G1070's and 200,000 G1080's…feeling disapointed at AMD