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Inno3D launches trio of custom GTX 980 Ti graphics cards

by Ryan Martin on 4 June 2015, 13:46

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At Computex 2015 graphics-card vendor Inno3D has been showcasing three of its latest products based on the recently released Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti GPU. The company's high-end range starts with the iChill GeForce GTX 980 Ti X3 Ultra, which uses a custom triple-fan cooling solution on a reference PCB design.

This graphics card comes equipped with a full backplate, memory and VRM heatsinks as well as the HerculeZ cooler with a 118-fin aluminium heatsink, three 6mm heatpipes and two 8mm heatpipes. The HerculeZ cooler makes use of a modular design for easy cleaning and maintenance and the graphics card comes with overclocked memory, 7,200MHz, and an overclocked core boost, 1,138MHz, up from the 1,076MHz boost and 7,000MHz memory on the reference design.

The next model in the Inno3D GTX 980 Ti series is the iChill GeForce GTX 980 Ti X4 Ultra. As the naming would suggest the X4 Ultra gets an additional fan over the X3 which is a top mounted 50mm fan tasked with providing extra cooling to the memory, VRMs and PCB components. In addition to the top fan and some red accenting the X4 Ultra also features a slightly higher boost clock of 1,152MHz alongside the same 7,200MHz memory clock.

The final GTX 980 Ti from Inno3D is the iChill GeForce GTX 980 Ti Black, which makes use of a hybrid cooling solution. This graphics card features a full backplate and a reference PCB, like other models, but equips an AIO-style water cooling solution to cool the GPU core while a small fan deals with VRM and memory cooling. The AIO cooler is likely manufactured by Arctic Cooling, given past collaboration between these two companies, and uses a 120mm radiator with a 120mm fan.

Deploying a high-performance water cooler allows Inno3D to reach its highest core clock speed of 1,203MHz boost and 7,280MHz memory for this particular GTX 980 Ti. Inno3D explained that availability for all three products starts from next week, though pricing is still yet to be finalised.

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Poor guy was struggling to speak english
Slightly ot, but I've always wondered why they put so much over the top detail on the portion of the casing that, in the vast majority of builds, is facing down, and is pretty much the least visible part of the card - especially in SLI or Xfire (where appropriate) installs.

On topic - does anyone have any experience with Inno3D? It's a company that I don't think I've actually seen any press on here in the US.
Omg, epic “I choo” xD style card.
Epic assembly.
On topic - does anyone have any experience with Inno3D? It's a company that I don't think I've actually seen any press on here in the US.

Inno 3D's been going for a good long time in the EU, never heard anything particularly good or bad about them mind you. Personally wouldn't avoid them but if there was another vendor about the same price I'd probably go with them if they had the brand tbh
On topic - does anyone have any experience with Inno3D? It's a company that I don't think I've actually seen any press on here in the US.

AFAIK Inno3D is one of those rare and small independent vendors that doesn't fall under any monster group (like Palit or PC Partner), Inno3D are similar to Club3D in that way. I've used a couple of Inno3D cards in the past and not had any major issues, but they were low-end cards (we're talking a while ago as well, the 8500GT and 8800GTX).

Typically you'll find Inno3D stuff isn't that adventurous, they normally always reskin a Nvidia reference PCB with a custom cooler since they don't have a big enough sales base or development team to go full custom on their own PCB and VRM design. However, there's nothing wrong with the reference board and its custom coolers are often pretty good, sometimes OTT, so they are a reasonable choice.

Pricing is going to depend on how good stock is for each country. In the UK Overclockers mainly stock them and, taking the GTX 980 as an example, they have models ranging from £450 for the entry up to £600 for the flagship watercooled model. That makes them cost competitive with other brands, like EVGA for example, the only real question you'd have to ask yourself is about the customer service and I honestly haven't heard that much (good or bad). All I know is that if you buy through someone like OCUK they normally handle returns and RMAs for Inno3D so that's something worth considering.