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3DMark updated with 4K Fire Strike Ultra benchmark

by Parm Mann on 14 October 2014, 10:19

Tags: Futuremark

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Futuremark has updated its popular 3DMark benchmark to include a new test that renders at a 4K (3,840x2,160) resolution.

The new addition, dubbed Fire Strike Ultra, is rendered at four times the resolution of the standard Fire Strike test and is described by Futuremark as "the most demanding 3DMark test ever."

We're told that a 4K monitor isn't required to run the benchmark, but you will need a graphics card with at least 3GB of memory, and more importantly, you'll also need the Advanced or Professional Edition versions of 3DMark. The Fire Strike Ultra test sadly isn't included in the free-to-use Basic Edition.

Ready to give it a go? 3DMark 1.4.775 is available to download from futuremark.com, and if you're looking for a point of reference, here's what we scored with a GeForce GTX Titan on an overclocked Intel Core i7-4770K platform:

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4246 with SLI 970s
Will be running this and lolling at my 660ti 3gb ftw+ later tonight.
Then I can say to the Mrs “But honey, look, I got less than 1000 points. I need an upgrade”
My 3Gb gtx580 cried and pissed itself :(
2421 seems a little low. My 780Ti with and i7-2600K scored 2695.
2421 seems a little low. My 780Ti with and i7-2600K scored 2695.
You could say a titan is an underclocked 780ti with fewer shaders, so that's about right. I'd expect your 780ti to do even better to be honest, but maybe that's where the CPU difference is coming in.