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GeForce 7100 GS creeps into the picture

by Steve Kerrison on 31 August 2006, 11:51


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Without any great fanfare, NVIDIA has launched a new product at the bottom of its GeForce 7 series line-up.

The GeForce 7100 GS has a quaint 350MHz core clock and comes equipped with DDR2 memory. TurboCache is supported, giving the cards access to up to 512MiB frame buffer in total, provided the host system has at least 1GiB of RAM.

Palit Microsystems is one of the first to announce its 7100 GS SKUs, one with 128MiB on-board memory, the other with 256MiB and both supporting 512MiB through TurboCache.

Our favourite quote from Palit's press release has to be "Palit 7100GS is supporting up to 512MB when the system memory is 1GB, which will be suited for entry players who want to experience beyond gaming performance." Beyond or below? The fairly anaemic GPU will mean that no amount of frame buffer is likely to give thrilling gaming performance on anything but older games.

Criticisms aside, it will make a cheap, cool and small product that can drive many a display, providing the same features as the rest of its GeForce 7 series brethren, including PureVideo video acceleration. SLI's supported too. It'll be interesting to see what single card is equivalent to two 7100 GS cards in terms of performance.

Palit 7100 GS


NVIDIA :: GeForce 7100 product page.
Palit :: Palit 7100 GS.

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Yawnnn… why do graphics card manufacturers need so many models. In the low end one cheep model should do, a few mid range with more than 10MHz difference (cough, ati, cough) and some high end models. Do we really need a 7100, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900 each with a selection of GS, LE, GT, GTX, XT, Ultra and other suffexes along with OC versions of everything. Of course ATI is just as bad re branding a slightly faster card as X(the next model -50). Kind of gets old and it makes it difficult to keep track of models. Sorry to rant so long, but we need fewer SKUs.
Do we really need a 7100, 7300, 7600, 7800, 7900

and laptops can also choose a 7400 and 7200 aswell :shocked2:

and 7950 dont forget
a red nvidia card…hmmm
Well as I said their are too maky SKUs to keep track of, can't expect me to remember them all :). Maybe it would be easier to remember everything but 7700 exists!
I heartily agree, the graphics card buying process is a real headache, too many models, too many differences.

I think its driven by the need of just 2 companies constantly competing to do the best in one range of the market (ie. performance, middle, value). Had to recommend a graphics card to fit 100 different machines this week, that hurt my head!