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HIS and ATI tag team to deliver cool'n'quiet GT Crossfire

by David Ross on 21 June 2006, 09:10

Tags: HiS Graphics

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Cool'n'Quiet Juicy Beans...

HEXUS can exclusively report that the new ATI driver which is soon to be unleashed will now enable software crossfire up to X1900GT. This means no more hassle in having to find a master card, or an external cable.

One of the biggest problems which ATI has suffered is the dustbuster noise-inducing coolers on their reference designs, which most of the AIB partners have been shipping. To break from that norm, HIS launched their X1900GT IceQ 3 last week.

Peter Yeung, Head of Marketing for HIS, has told HEXUS:

HIS IceQ 3 is the 3rd generation of IceQ cooling technology which is endorsed by worldwide media. HIS IceQ 3 innovative design doubles the strength to its predecessor.

We can't wait to get a pair of these for some near-silent Crossfire action. So, why not let us know your thoughts in the HEXUS.community.

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Up to X1900GT, so is X1800XT included in the list?
by software, you mean it works over the PCI bus? also, does in still only work on crossfire motherboards? or intel ones too for example? (for when core 2 duo comes out… mmmm). obviously any performance figures keenly anticipated..
Omg I hope this includes the X1800XT.

I presume it's the GT range only, but I hope to god the X1800XT is on the list.
Yep over the PCI Bus… :)
Was that a yep to the GT range only?