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Galaxy show off dual core 7600GT!

by Nick Haywood on 7 June 2006, 14:15

Tags: Galaxy

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It's a two-core, single board 7600GT!

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Over at CeBIT we saw Galaxy’s dual core graphics card in the shape of the 7900GT, shown below, defrocked of its cooler.

But new for Computex 2006 is the 7600GT Dual Core which, just like its bigger brother, features two 256Mb DDR3 memory arrays, one for each core. Built on a six layer PCB, the 7600GT Dual Core comes in with a peak of 12 pixels per clock, has a 128bit memory interface and a 1.2ns memory speed.

Check back soon for more on the Galaxy 7600GT Dual Core.


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Is it just me or is it really pants that the graphics card manufacturers are jumping on the branding of “Dual Core” hype with multi processor boards? When a graphics processor with two-cores-on-one-package come along its going cause all sorts of problems. Just imagine…

customer “Is it dual core or um dual core.”
seller “dual core”
customer “great I'll have two”
seller “oh wait, did you mean dual core or dual core?”

….the hilarity.
Yeah, this could get confusing; is this going to cost more than a 7900? and be faster?

Seems an odd choice for a mid-range card, where price is generally more important than pixel pushing.
I agree…does anyone actually buy these things?
yes….people in PC world ;)
they do if they know nothing
and plus they wont sell it, it just grabbed people