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HEXUS.beans :: NVIDIA set to launch GeForce 7800 GS AGP

by Paul Dutton on 10 January 2006, 01:20


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Assmastering AGP action due from eVGA and XFX?

Seems that core NVIDIA partners are set to inject a healthy dose of ‘customer centric’ love into those of us still running AGP mainboards with the introduction of an AGP 8x variant of its GeForce 7800GS.

The AGP variant of the NVIDIA GeForce 7800GS seems set to feature a core GPU frequency of 350MHz, a frequency dictated by the fact that it’s, unsurprisingly, a PCIe to AGP bridged design.

However, despite this the forthcoming NVIDIA GeForce 7800GS AGP is believed to bring more grunt to your gaming than last years GeForce 6800 Ultra AGP, and we think NVIDIA and its partners should be commended for giving its customers the choice of another upgrade path, which is very likely giving a large part of the market just what it wants.

Expect the adrenalin to start with premier NVIDIA partners - eVGA and XFX Graphics on the 2nd February 2006.

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Excellent, The more high end AGP cards the better!
I'll believe it when I see it.
How true actually. So will I. I hate ATi and Nvidia now for what they have done to AGP.
Bugger, i wanted an excuse to upgrade mobo
Well, we have shots of one ;)