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World Exclusive picture from HEXUS of the forthcoming NVIDIA “TBA”

by Willy Deeplung on 9 November 2005, 18:39


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World Exclusive picture from HEXUS of the forthcoming NVIDIA “TBA”

On Wednesday 5th October 2005 (coincidentally the launch day of the ATi RADEON X1800XT...) NVIDIA helpfully informed HEXUS of the new UK pricing for its GeForce 6xxx and 7xxx series products in the email detailed below.

What was interesting from this email was the omission of the NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra... but of particular interest was the first item in the list...



I just wanted to send this to you as I have been hearing that some of our products are being forgotten about by our competition J

When it comes to comparing products to other companies, it is has to be compared against price point. NVIDIA’s products have been shipping now for a long time. The price of the products have changed the line ups of our cards.

Take a look below,

GF 7800 GTX 512 MB TBA

GF 7800 GTX (MSI GTX DV) - £336.56 inc VAT

GF 7800 GT (Scan Extreme Edition GT) - £245.58 inc VAT

GF 6800 GT (XFX 6800 GT) - £199.15 inc VAT

GF 6800 (Leadtek 6800) - £146..82 inc VAT

GF 6600 GT (AOPEN 6600GT) - £104.58 inc VAT

GF 6600 (Leaktek 6600)£75.91 inc VAT

All prices are from and are boards in stock.

Other deals can be found too... ...a 7800 GTX for £305.44 inc VAT and a 7800 GT for £234.95 inc VAT

Any questions let me know.


Only registered members of the qualify to get a view of the HEXUS.pipeline forum, in which you’ll find the first world exclusive shot from HEXUS of the forthcoming NVIDIA “TBA”...

if you're not yet a member of the then you can register here for free.

Us? - we’re gagging to see whether the NVIDIA “TBA” is able to ass-master the ATi RADEON X1800 XT, and at what price...... stay tuned to ye olde HEXUS peeps

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well.. thats certainly differnet :)

maybe we will see nvidia release there own brand of beer :p
if you just squint a little and… oh mywow!… :devilish:
Erm ?