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HIS expands silent HD 6570 family

by Navin Maini on 21 September 2011, 16:31

Tags: HiS Graphics

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There's a new passively-cooled graphics card on the market from HIS - taking advantage of AMD's Radeon HD 6570 GPU.



Packed with 2,048MB DDR3 this time, core clock speeds come in at 650MHz, while the memory finds itself running at 1,000MHz. HIS tells us that the 6570 Silence ships with two low-profile brackets, making it ideal for either full or half-height PCI slots.

Thanks to its noiseless passive cooling solution, HIS also defines the 6570 Silence as being a great fit for HTPC systems.

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I just do not see the point of this card at all.

If aiming at HTPC market then key is delivering high quality HD - Fusion (or if prepared to wait trinity) can do this.

If aiming for business market or low power personal use than again AMD have the motherboard for you without need for separate GPU.
The biggest question is…why the hell 2GB?

That's totally insane for a card of this power.
The biggest question is…why the hell 2GB?

Because most people - and just about every OEM plays on this - believes that more is always better. So for very little additional outlay you get a bigger number on the box, and therefore a commensurate bump in retail price, so you can cut a little bit deeper when you scalp the non-tech-savvy user who thinks they should get the 2GB version instead of the 512MB version, “just in case” they need the extra memory later…
even better its DDR3 - imba memory that :P
It is aimed at silence obsessives like me who want to do the occasional game but want zero noise. I previously owned a sapphire 4670 ultimate and currently have 5750 with an accelero passive cooler on it. Most of the products with fans that call themselves silent are far from. Quite agree the card would be much better with gddr5 rather than ddr3, and it doesn't need the 2 gig RAM. Marketing types huh?