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GTX 560 arrives on May 17th?

by Navin Maini on 3 May 2011, 12:10


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There have already been rumours suggesting that NVIDIA is working on a vanilla GTX 560 SKU - one, which drops the Titanium (Ti) suffix.

Word now has it that NVIDIA has apparently pencilled in May 17th, as the day to usher in its newest arrival.


  GTX 550 Ti
GTX 560
GTX 560 Ti
Transistors 1.17bn 1.95bn 1.95bn
Die size 238mm² 367mm² 367mm²
Fermi revision GF116 GF114 GF114
General clock 900MHz 750MHz 822MHz
Shader clock 1,800MHz 1,500MHz 1,645MHz
Memory clock 4,104MHz 3,600MHz 4,008MHz
Memory size 1,024MB GDDR5 1,024MB GDDR5 1,024MB GDDR5
Memory interface 192-bit 256-bit 256-bit
SMs 4 7 8
Shaders 192 336 384
GFLOPS 691 1,008 1,264
Texturing 32ppc bilinear
32ppc FP16
56ppc bilinear
56ppc FP16
64ppc bilinear
64ppc FP16
ROPs 24 32 32


As for exact specifications, the picture is still somewhat hazy. Barring a point of contention suggesting that the GTX 560 will debut with core speeds exceeding 800MHz, it is suggested that our conjecture in the above table should give a good feel of things.

It would be reasonable to assume, of course, that more titbits will surface as the rumoured launch date draws nearer.

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Bad move by nVidia on the nomenclature. It's good to have decent cards at differing price points but to the uneducated customer the ‘Ti’ suffix could easily go unnoticed; considering there will be a noticable performance difference they really should change the number, GTX 455 anyone?
Aside form clock speeds, are SM's, texture units etc exactly the same as the GTX 460's?
Sounds like an attempt to get rid of binned chips, that and add in extra confusion so people will buy one thinking they are getting the better card, like they did with gtx460SE
Although the nomenclature is confusing Nvidia looks like they're locking up the mid-range with their recent offerings.