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Leaked slides claim to open NVIDIA's GTX 590 cookbook

by Navin Maini on 14 March 2011, 13:32


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The rumour-vine has moved on from delivering fruits, to presumably leaked slides claiming to contain the secret formula of NVIDIA's ambrosia - the GTX 590.

If AMD's offering wasn't quite your thing or you've simply been sitting on the fence, let's take a look at what seasoning-mix NVIDIA may be adding to its entrée.

Apparently you won't be getting any semi-skimmed cores with the GTX 590. Dual GF110 GPUs with all 512 CUDA core flavours is the order of the day with 3GB GDDR5 memory (1,536MB per GPU), a 12-layer PCB faceted with 2oz copper and 10-phase GPU power system all in the cooking pot too.

All that sounds like a potential oven so a gargantuan cooling solution, honing-in on the skills of dual vapour chambers, will be promoted to the task at hand. If other household chores are your poison, the cooling solution cover is described as removable to make work for your feather duster (or vacuum cleaner) that much easier.

NVIDIA's 11in spoon claims to be fuelled by dual 8-pin power connectors with TDP, very interestingly, listed at 365W.

Finish this all off with a proverbial pinch of salt, and let's see how it marinates. Being "barely street legal", this might have that chilli factor kicked right up.

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Now that's what I call a folding farm on a card.

If only it were watercooled and I didn't have to GTX 480's already…..
PCPro mentioned this on their podcast, does seem that something is on the horizon just a couple of weeks away :)
If you squint a bit it looks exactly the same as a 6990 to me (a bit shorter maybe).

What we know:-
Will recapture the single card performance crown for NV.
Will set new standards in power consumption.
Will set new standards on heat.
Will give better perf/power than other GF 100/110 cards.
Will be speed limited via power control.
Will be the most expensive single card.
You know, I'm not too sure. *if* they stick to that TDP, and their way of measuring is remotely comparable, I think AMDs bluff might have worked. At least until a driver update that raises the cap..
first the 6990 and now the gtx590 - finally the high have moved away from pci-e compliance `officially` (since even pci-sig arnt bothered) and unleashing the `full monty`