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KFA2 launches two new GTX 460s

by Pete Mason on 8 September 2010, 14:13


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Premium GPU-maker KFA2 has just announced that it's getting ready to launch two new variants of NVIDIA's GTX 460, ready for two very different types of gamer.

Double down

First up, the company is preparing a 1GB GTX 460 SLI pack.  The kit includes two of the graphics-cards with the cores overclocked slightly to 700MHz (1,400MHz for the shaders) and the memory set to a comfortable 1,848MHz.  These frequencies may not be as high as the company's flagship card, but when you have two GPUs in close quarters, keeping settings conservative is probably a good idea.

We know full-well that two GTX 460s in SLI - even at stock speeds - can lay down some hurt on a GTX 480, with the added bonus of supporting three-screen 3D Vision Surround gaming.  The kit is bound to retail for less than two separate cards, making this pair of GTX 460s look even sweeter compared to the competition.

Go Green

For the gamer who cares as much about frame-rates as they do the environment - or at least their power bill - the company is also releasing the GTX 460 Green Edition.  Not only has the board design been tweaked, but the highest-quality components ensure that everything is as efficient as possible. 

According to the manufacturer, the end result is a 10 per cent reduction in power-consumption, less noise and lower temperatures.  In fact, it uses so much less power that only one PCIe power-connector is required, compared to two on most other boards.

Of course, this all means that the core has to be set to a reference frequency of 675MHz, though the 768MB GDDR5 has gotten a bump to 1,800MHz. Even at those speeds, though, the GPU is a solid performer and could make for a great low-power SLI system.

Unfortunately, KFA2 hasn't given any details on pricing or availability, but both new cards should be available in the UK soon.

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Now those are some useful ways of establishing product diversity from the same base card. Kudos.
Now those are some useful ways of establishing product diversity from the same base card. Kudos.

Agreed. I think the SLI pack is a really good idea, especially considering that NVIDIA seems to have nailed scaling.

Also, dropping an entire 6-pin PCIe connector? Impressive.
That SLi pack looks very interesting, and it's a great idea, more Kudos from me!
KFA 2 - never heard of them before. ????
KFA 2 - never heard of them before. ????

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