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Colorful's box spills more details on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 GPU

by Tarinder Sandhu on 1 March 2010, 14:00


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Whilst navigating through the tech-filled halls at CeBIT 2010, keen to spot NVIDIA's next-generation graphics architecture, we were told that board partners would be wheeling in the high-end GTX 480 card in closed PCs, limiting the press' chances of getting hands-on with the GPU that's due to launch on March 26th.

As the launch draws near, NVIDIA's partners are busy readying retail boxes.

One such partner - and we confess that the name hadn't crossed our radar too many times before - is Colorful.

NVIDIA remains tight-lipped over the card's specifications, but we can confirm from the box that it will have 1,536MB of GDDR5 memory.

The rear outputs will comprise of twin dual-link DVI-I connectors and a mini-HDMI port (v1.3a). No provision for DisplayPort, then?

The power requirements are such that it needs more juice than twin 6-pin plugs can supply, and the setup is the same as a Radeon HD 5970's.

A chunky PSU is recommended, pitching in at 600W - 42A on the 12V line - for a single-GPU system. Add at least 250W for a second card.

Now all we need is a card to test NVIDIA's claims of upcoming high-end graphics hegemony.

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How long til we have GPUs you need to plug directly into the mains?
At least all those stupid 1kw PSUs might actually come in useful.
Indeed, 42A on the 12V line means > 500W - so I reckon the rumoured 280W TDP must be pretty close to the truth, at least for the top end part. That's kinda power hungry for a 40nm part, isn't it? ;) Does the 1536MB hint at a 384bit memory bus? I thought it was gonna be in the 400s?
…Does the 1536MB hint at a 384bit memory bus? I thought it was gonna be in the 400s?

I was under the opposite impression - that the 480 was definitely going to have a 384bit bus. Somenone's bound to spill it soon enough though!

The choice of outputs is quite telling I reckon - they've obviously had to use one of the two slots as a full-width exhaust vent (unlike the 5870's half-and-half design), so clearly it's gonna produce a lot of heat…
600w minimum, so that basically renders the Seasonic X 750 I got usless for SLi, just as it does for the latest Pro and Modu ranges from Enermax aimed at the enthusiast. Am I the only one who finds that power draw questionably high? It's 100 watt above the minimum for a 5870, and is on par with a crossfire setup of two of them.

Yet the performance we've seen from leaked numbers suggests it doesn't justify that power requirement increase. Yeah I know we should wait for confirmed numbers but I can't help shaking something is wrong here.