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NVIDIA's second GeForce 300-series GPU makes an appearance

by Parm Mann on 8 December 2009, 11:24


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NVIDIA's GeForce 300-series line of graphics cards hasn't had the most compelling of introductions.

Following last month's launch of the GeForce 310 - a seemingly new card that is in actual fact little more than a rebranded GeForce 210 - the company's second 300-series GPU has made an appearance in desktop systems built by HP.

Available in China, the HP systems feature a yet-to-be-announced GPU dubbed the GeForce 315. There's no official confirmation from NVIDIA, but HP lists the card's specification as follows:

Judging by the details - namely a GT216 core clocked at 625MHz - it looks as though the GeForce 315 is nothing other than a GeForce GT 220 under a different guise. No surprise, then, that NVIDIA doesn't appear to be in a hurry to officially announce this one.

We suggested late last month that NVIDIA might end up padding out the low-end GeForce 300-series range with rebranded 200-series cards, and that prediction appears to be ringing true. Meanwhile, the company's first DirectX 11 cards, based on the actually-new Fermi architecture are expected to fill the mid-range and high-end segments in the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

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Yet another rebrand.. how boring. :sleep: Can't blame them for keeping quiet over these!

I bet they're considering themselves lucky over the lack of supply of the ATI cards..
Gone were the days where you could buy the brand new, just announced NVidia card with a new name and increased price, and actually get something…new.
What a shock!

With each rebranded card my respect for NVIDIA falls further. Fermi is going to have to be damn amazing and at a reasonable price for me to not switch to ATI early next year.
Wait, hold on…

This GeForce 310 is a Rebranded Geforce 210…

The Geforce 250 is a rebranded Geforce 9800+

The 9800+ is an overclocked and die shrink of the 9800GTX…

and the 9800GTX was released in april 2008.

So this is technology from 1 1/2 years ago, has better specs than a brand new Geforce 310?

Screw this.
could be worse Jambo, and when they rebrand the 8800gt/9800gt/gts240 it will be :)