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NVIDIA kicks off GeForce 300-series range with GeForce 310

by Parm Mann on 27 November 2009, 12:17


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NVIDIA has quietly updated its product pages to include the first graphics card from the GeForce 300-series line.

Don't get too excited, though, as the first 300-series product is a low-end solution that's currently available to OEMs only. Dubbed the GeForce 310, the card isn't based on the upcoming Fermi architecture and is instead a basic GT200-series card with a GPU clocked at 589MHz and 16 stream processors clocked at 1,402MHz.

Look familiar? It should do, as it's little more than a rebranded GeForce 210. As far as we can tell, there's no physical change, despite the massive jump in model number.

Seems as though NVIDIA might be padding out the low-end GeForce 300-series range with rebranded 200-series cards. Meanwhile, the company's first DirectX 11 cards, based on the all-new Fermi architecture and expected to fill the mid-range and high-end segments, are rumoured to have been delayed until the first quarter of fiscal 2011.

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2011 for new cards?
New generation naming scheme - check
Previous generations technology - check
Still no sign of Fermi - check

Was there really a need for this? Or are they trying to drum up hype by “releasing a new generation”? :rolleyes:
You really would have thought they would've learned from the last renaming furore that this sort of consumer misleading practice is not welcome and damages their reputation further.
8800gt -> 9800gt
8800gts -> 9800gtx -> 9800gtx+

with minor changes, but still.

This is just taking the piss.