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XFX takes gaming to another level with optic implants

by Parm Mann on 11 September 2009, 10:28

Tags: XFX (HKG:1079)

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Following the introduction of ATI Eyefinity, XFX has today announced a cybergenetics program that will equip users with an Optic Implant that claims to create gaming experiences that are seamless to real life.

The company's bio-tech implants promise to offer an improved sense of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste in both gaming and multimedia environments. Although already taking applications, XFX is looking forward and adds that work on genetic gaming protein DNA restructuring is also under way.

XFX expects to install its first optic implants in the year 2118, and users can today apply to talk to a cybergenetics professional about implant compatibility at A demonstration video is also available at the site.

Official press release:

XFX Announces Industry's First Optic Implant Giving Gamers Most Realistic Gaming Experience To Date

Original ATI Eyefinity Technology from AMD Once Again Improves Both Gaming and Real Life Experiences

In its continuing quest to improve gamers’ lives through heightened gaming experiences, XFX Multi-national Technologies Global Group, Inc. today announces the industry’s first Optic Implant for creating gaming experiences that are seamless to real life. Users can apply today to talk to a cybergenetics professional to determine implant compatibility at

To celebrate this industry-wide first, XFX is taking an historic look back to the original 2009 technologies responsible for the Optic Implant:

ATI Eyefinity from AMD allowed gamers to discover a new realm of “surround-sight” 3D graphics with advanced multiple-display technology. Supporting up to six independent display outputs simultaneously, ATI Eyefinity delivered innovative graphics display capabilities enabling massive desktop workspaces, immersive playing environments, and ultra-wide views for a panoramic computing experience. Offering easy setup and flexible multi-display configuration, ATI Eyefinity technology added a new visual sensation to the complete Windows® 7 experience—and moved the future of graphics a step closer to the lifelike “holodeck” environment which was then science fiction.

First introduced with ATI Stream technology-enhanced graphics to maximize multicore processing and AMD next-generation DirectX 11 graphics, gamers back in 2009 could, for the first time, Pivot three monitors from landscape mode to portrait mode for an optimal gaming solution delivering an aspect ratio superior to most of the time’s modern big-screen HDTV displays.2 This technology allowed for play with greater spatial awareness using the side monitors for peripheral vision, giving gamers the ability to detect enemies sooner, react faster, and survive longer in first-person-shooter games and flight combat simulators. 2009 gamers could finally enjoy more control with a commanding view of the action in real-time strategy games, and feel a heightened sense of speed in racing games. Multiple portrait-mode displays with ATI Eyefinity technology also gave users a competitive edge at work, enabling them to see more data at a glance with legal-size documents, extra-long spreadsheets, web pages, and more.

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I have a mixture of amusement and mild confusion. Amusing marketing ploy, but confused as to whether they think this is really marketing that's specifically pro-XFX or more generally pro-AMD/ATI :)

Also, talking to someone about it today, when nothing will happen till 2118 is useless, as unless there is some huge advances in medical technology by then, even a 1 year old is unlikely to still be alive. I personally find this amusing and mainly a huge marketing ploy.
Erm.. is it April 1st?
Surely a windup..

''Although already taking applications,''

''Users can apply today to talk to a cybergenetics professional to determine implant compatibility''

For 2118, yeah great I will see you then :rolleyes:
2118, what use is that, this tech will be mainstream well before then.
tbh I really can’t see this having any “gaming” application, it’s more likely to be able to “override” what the eye is seeing as far as environmentally, you could instead of walking to work down a crappy looking street (after all in 2118 we'll be in the aftermath of WW4) you could use the eyefinity system to render textures on existing surfaces, so you could be walking down a pre apocalyptic street with blue skies..
Would also be useful if it had some sort of gamma correction, for use in low light environments.