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A-DATA preps XPG Plus Series 2.0 memory for COMPUTEX '09

by Parm Mann on 27 May 2009, 13:09

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Another year's COMPUTEX is almost upon us, and A-DATA tells us it'll be on hand to debut its latest extreme XPG-branded memory, the XPG Plus Series v2.0.

The DDR3 modules, pictured below, will sport a dual copper heatpipe design, along with an array of aluminium fins. A-DATA states that the design ensures each memory chip is in contact with one of the copper heatpipes, allowing for the modules to dissipate heat efficiently.

The XPG Plus Series v2.0 certainly looks the business, but without a side-on view, we can't tell if the design will introduce problems for cramped tri-channel motherboards. We're hoping not.

Judging by A-DATA's early info, the XPG Plus Series v2.0 will be available in 1,866MHz CL8 kits, and should offer some overclocking headroom.

Stay tuned as Team HEXUS will be bringing you the all the latest news from the show floor at COMPUTEX next week.

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Anyone else think those heatpipes look ridiculous? :lol:
well theres a blatent rip of a heat pipe
well theres a blatent rip of a heat pipe

*checks ReaperXs*. Agreed. These things look great (imo) at first but be warned they are absolute dust magnets. They do a good job of keeping the mems cool though, so it's a fair trade I suppose.