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Inno3D gives NVIDIA's GeForce 9800 GT the i-Chill treatment

by Parm Mann on 11 August 2008, 12:20

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Despite NVIDIA's launch of the new-and-improved GeForce 9800 GTX, Inno3D has found time to push out two overclocked and custom-cooled editions of its GeForce 9800 GT.

The cards, a GeForce 9800 GT Hurricane and GeForce 9800 GT Twin Turbo, offer a core speed of 700MHz and 512MB of GDDR3 at an effective speed of 2,000MHz. That's almost on par with Inno3D's GeForce 9800 GTX.

The Hurricane, pictured below, features a ZEROtherm cooler which promises to lower temperatures by up to 25 degrees C when under full load.

The Twin Turbo, pictured below, features the popular Accelero Twin Turbo cooler from Arctic Cooling. It'll lower temperatures even further, up to 27 degrees C when under full load, says Inno3D.

Both cards will perform quieter than NVIDIA's reference design, but with the quicker 9800 GTX now available, these custom-editions may have come a little too late. A 9800 GTX Hurricane or 9800 GTX Twin Turbo, on the other hand, would be interesting.

Inno3D hasn't confirmed an official price just yet, but expect these to appear in the very near future.

Official press release: Feel the freeze with i-Chill GF 9800GT


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I am less and less keen on cooling for gfx cards that does not vent out of the case. With heat outputs over 100 watts dumping this in the case and then having to install extra case fans to evacuate the hot air is inefficient.

Any card that is going to take up more than one slot has no excuse for not venting out of the case.
Im with Xtanto on that one. But more so than that, I agree with the fact that they should concentrate on applying this to the newer/higher end cards like 9800GTX or 9800GTX+.
I know they are doing this in a desperate attempt to sell the 9800GT, which lets face it is really not an attractive choice. But the consumers are largely wiser than that.
why are they not attractive cards? they are cheaper than the 8800GT so with about 1 FPS different in some games(almost identicle) its worth paying less. I agree with the cooling though, high end cooling that doesnt shove it out the case is just a poor design, granted hot air rises but then it goes over/through the cpu heatsink with hot air etc so it heats the case up while getting to the upper fans.
Oh there not bad, just with the 4850 and now 9800GTX+ as well, its just all getting too close for the (lets face it 8800GT in disguise) 9800GT.
I don't think my case will accommodate a 15-slot cooler